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U-tours makes your travels more convenient, fun, informative, and engaging while saving you time, money, and effort.

Guided tours are convenient & fun, but expensive

People spend tens to hundreds per person on conventional guided tours because they reduce time and stress costs while significantly increasing the enjoyment, learning, and engagement benefits of travel. Read more...

Guided tours have always helped reduce the time and fear elements and are quite popular. In fact, despite the high cost of guided tours, 46% of travelers report going on a destination’s sightseeing tours.

U-tours are even more convenient & fun, for less!

With U-tours, the amount, variety, and quality of tours increases while the cost drastically decreases. In other words, the U-tours platform boosts the benefits while substantially reducing the costs of an already popular service, all while allowing the traveler to donate to worthy causes they support – within the cost of paid tours!Read more...

For example, one of our staff took his family on a cruise this summer. The costs for two adults and one child to take tours at all SEVEN ports offered by the cruise line ranged from €1082 up to €3614, which was more than the cost of the cruise itself! Using U-tours instead, a similar experience would cost somewhere between free and up to approximately €200 (with up to 70% going to charity), plus around another €200 more for transportation costs. Moreover, they would have been able to adjust the tour to their schedule and their child’s needs rather than vice versa.

Privacy-forward, registration not even required

U-tours not only refrains from actively tracking, collecting, and selling our user data, we make every effort to value and keep the privacy of all our stakeholders. We do better than just adhere to all privacy laws and regulations, we adhere to our moral foundations. Read more...

Users are able to explore our app, see tour previews, and even take free tours all without ever having to register even their email with us.

Especially beneficial for constrained travelers

U-tours makes exploring new places easier, safer, and more convenient, so everyone will be able to tour destinations per their interests, preferences, schedule, and even language for a fraction of the cost of current options – or even free. Nevertheless, U-tours especially optimizes travel and tourism for: Read more...

    Tourists who want to:

  • travel conveniently at, basically, any time and at their own pace**

  • go anywhere and find lots of interesting content about a given location

  • conduct “travel research” on the fly through entertaining, informative videos

  • quickly pinpoint their interests through smart searching & filtering

  • find content in English, other main world languages, and even in their own

  • avoid crowds for health or other reasons**

    **because they have young kids, special needs, etc.

    People who want to:

  • see all the world has to offer without the actual travel hassle

  • support individuals and causes all around the world

Travel is back!

Over a billion people travel internationally every year. That was true before COVID and is again since 2023. With COVID fear, negative outcomes, and restrictions more-or-less a thing of the past, travel & tourism has come back with a vengeance. Read more...

In 2020, travel & tourism spending dropped to less than half of its 2019 level, recovering to 77% and 95% of the 2019 levels in 2022 and 2023, and is estimated to exceed those levels in 2024 in both spending and contribution to global GDP. Multiple surveys show that more people intend to travel and spend more on traveling in 2024 than ever before.

And it’s good for us

A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that travel is very good for your mental health, overall happiness, and even your brain plasticity! Some evolutionary biologists believe this to be related to our origins. Read more...

For the vast majority of human existence, we have been nomads, but since the Agricultural Revolution, we were tied down to just a few tracts of land. For all of our recorded history only a few percent of humans traveled beyond those tracts, and usually for the sake of commerce. However, the Industrial Revolution and all the related advancements in transportation have reignited the wanderlust of the masses.

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