Mission & Vision

Our core objective is to make tourism easier, safer, more convenient, more affordable, and more engaging, by providing a platform that allows those with great content to share it with an appreciative audience; all while creating an unparalleled charitable giving platform.

The beautiful cornerstone of the U-tours vision: we want to make every one of everybody’s trips more… unforgettable.

Technological Aims

We have begun with a platform that delivers high quality audiovisual tours on smartphones and tablets. Depending on the advancement of the technology and its infrastructure, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality tours will also soon be available. We envision our contributors becoming your true Augmented Reality guides accompanying you / showing you around almost anywhere on the planet. And for those who can’t or don’t want to physically travel, we foresee them being able to eventually take tours of fully immersible virtual destination duplicates.

Social Principles

We aim to develop our platform passed a few major tipping points until it takes on a life and ecosystem of its own. Then we will be there to make sure it works, develop the best ideas coming in, and provide quality control to ensure that we are not part of disinformation-misinformation-propaganda-spreading disease that plagues social media platforms. Furthermore, we are privacy forward and are guided by morality and not just privacy regulation. This is evident by the lack of our use of invasive cookies, tracking, and private information gathering. Tourists do not even have to register to preview tours nor to take free tours, but they would need to register (requiring as minimal information as possible) to take paid tours. At the same time, they are able to create user profiles, connect them to social media, save their touring preferences, and make their U-tours experience even smoother and allow them to see (and share, if they wish) their tour histories, statistics, and other intriguing features/data/output, all without the need to fear that we would sell their data.

Our Team

Bill Appleman, PHD, MBACEO
A behavioral econom with 20+ years of experience in sales & management, 15 years as an enterpreneur, 13 years in consulting. Over 10 years with innovative tech startups, specializing in product discovery & dev, & 7 years in research, data science, & teaching
Jakub Linhart, MBACTO
Over 20 years of successful experience in IT, from project management & engineering through product & business development to management and enterpreneaulism. He has worked for & with companies of all sizes and types in IT, AI and robotics
Jan Cichy, MGRHead of Legal
Specialized legal professional with 15+ years of experience in multinational technology companies. Primarily focused on IP rights & related claims, privacy & data protection (GDPR compliance), software licensing and EULA, open-source, SaaS T&Cs and related.
Babak Mahdian, PHDHead of special projects
Award-winning enterpreneur & scientist who developed several successful game-changing computer vision and AI software companies. He is focused on building technologically complex stuff that hide their complexities and are used at scale

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