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One of the main foundations of the platform is our focus on making the building of tours extremely easy and flexible. It is so simple that, once a contributor has their media ready to go, an average length tour can easily be created and submitted for publication within an hour. Read more...

Tips and tools are available to ensure final publication will have top video quality, sound quality, and GDPR compliance. Furthermore, we have high priority development improvements to the platform slated to make it even easier and faster in the near future. For example, contributors will soon be able to upload their geo-tagged videos and U-tours will automatically generate locations for each video, then the creator will only need to fill in the details and put them in the right order.

Anyone can create a U-tour

Tour Guides and other contributors have several incentives for creating U-tours. Anyone is able to share something they love, help travelers enhance their trips, and generate a perpetual income stream for themselves and/or for their causes.

Our main contributors are:

Professional tour guides

The U-tours platform gives professional tour guides the important additional incentive of attracting clients.


If you have ever tried to find information about the quality of tours and tour guides online, then you already know that this is a significant problem in the industry.  Professional tour companies struggle to stand out amongst the crowd and individual tour guides are rarely able to compete at all.  This is especially discouraging as the 2023 Gitnux Market Data’s Tour Guide Industry Statistics report found that 85% of travelers say that the tour guide was a key factor in determining the quality of a tour and 95% of travelers choose a tour based upon online ratings. 

U-tours offers tour guides a superior method by which to attract clients to their in-person tours: through their readily available tour preview videos, individual tour and tour guide rating system, and through introductory tour sampling.  Currently, lots of tour guides and tour companies offer free introductory walking tours (that are paid by tip only) to attract tourists towards other tours they offer.  On U-tours, contributors have the option to allow tourists to directly contact them, so if a tourist wishes to book an in-person tour with a tour guide they really loved, then they may be able to click the “contact tour guide” button, which is costless for both sides.  With this tool, excellent tour guides will now be able to compete directly for their audience based upon content quality alone and not their marketing spend.  This will result in a cycle of ever-improving tour quality for tourists and will allow guides to reallocate more of their time to their more lucrative activities.

Those with knowledge or stories about a place

Most people are not full time tour guides, but do have knowledge and personal experience about some place(s) they love.

Many of those people are happy to share that knowledge, perhaps they have already shown friends or others around that place, but would not have the desire or time to do so on a regular basis.  There are countless such people out there who would be ready and willing to take a few hours out of their lives to create content that will continue to generate extra income for them and/or to support their favorite charities.

Those who wish to share particular topics, abilities, or events

This could take a number of forms and we believe that you, our contributors, will define this space.Read more...

For example, therapists creating tours for patients to help them with mindfulness, etc.; drama clubs creating productions of location-based content to attract audience members as well as to support the financial well-being of their clubs; or eyewitnesses of extraordinary, historical events who want to share something that is going on somewhere in the world, such as the state of destruction after a natural disaster or the horrors of war in Ukraine or Gaza, and possibly to solicit donations.

Celebrities and influencers

Personalities with a large fanbase can use the platform to raise significant sums for their favorite causes, all while enhancing their PR images and embracing & gratifying their fans. Read more...

Picture being able to support the removal of mines in war-torn countries by watching Sir Paul McCartney give you a tour of Penny Lane while visiting Liverpool. There are plenty of people who would travel to Liverpool just for that! Consider all the Swifties out there who would happily support foodbanks and cancer patients by watching Taylor show them around her hometown of West Reading, Pennsylvania. Or just imagine whatever out of the ordinary trips you would take to visit the special places of your favorite celebs!

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