Attract tourists to your destination

U-tours is a platform for destinations (i.e. regional, municipal, and large venue sponsors) that want to increase tourism & foot traffic, generally want to promote themselves, and stimulate their local travel-adjacent businesses in the process.

The competition to reach tourists is fierce

Most regions, municipalities, and sometimes larger venues have travel/tourism councils that, generally, work off a mandate to bring in tourists or increase foot traffic or something similar. The competition increases every year and destination marketers bemoan the inability to stand out in the crowd or compete with larger, more well-known destinations.

Good timing

With the world coming back from COVID, the greatest negative shock that the travel & tourism industry has seen since the end of WWII, both tourism and the marketing to capture tourists have bounced back and ratcheted up.Read more...

Global travel ad expenditures are slated to rise by 36% this season, even more so next season, and the now leading form of Destination Marketing advertising now being digital is expected to exceed $630 billion next year. The problem is that most of this advertisement takes the same, limited forms available today. This well-known problem in the industry is leading 55% of DM spenders to find and increase their advertising spend in new/other media next year.

What tourists want

46% of travelers report going on a destination’s sightseeing tours. Destination councils are aware that most tourists want to see sights and learn about the places they travel.Read more...

Tourism research and surveys have identified various factors that influence travelers‘ destination choices, including attractions, activities, and the availability of guided tours. That is why most destinations invest in providing tourists with online information, tourist info offices, self-guided, and guided tours.

What tourists get

Despite the best of intentions in supplying tourists with such info and services to meet their demand, most of the time, the result is either an oversupply combined with informational overload in top destinations or an undersupply of information, guides, and tours in lesser-known destinations.

U-tours to the rescue

Our platform decreases costs and increases benefits for travelers, concisely informs them about destinations, and attracts them with something to do when they visit,Read more...

particularly so when tours and destinations are sponsored. This combination is especially beneficial to the lesser-known, mid-sized destinations (usually municipalities) that look to tourism as one of the more important income streams for their towns.

Generous offers for early adopters

We have prepared a batch of highly attractive offers to entice our early adopter partners. Read more...

On top of significant discounts, they include being featured as top destinations for years, millions of interstitial video ad spots all to be placed in front of active travelers, no annual renewal, and continued discount rollover. In fact, our offers are so enticing, that not only are they significantly less expensive than developing one’s own destination application, not only are they less expensive than even the variable cost one would face running such a platform, but they are even below U-tours’ own variable cost of running the platform.

Sweetening the deal!

On top of the generous offers for our early adopters, we will be investing 50% of all early adopter spend on a synergistic destination marketing campaignRead more...

(a major traditional, digital, and social media marketing effort that will benefit all our sponsors, especially those who make additional marketing commitments with us). Destination sponsors who partner with U-tours will exponentialize the benefits of their marketing spends, with the greatest and longest benefits accruing to those who join the platform the earliest. This will not only be due to our great offers and enhanced destination benefits & visibility for earlier partners, but we aim to continually invest into our solutions, customer acquisition, and stakeholders. For example, we intend to dedicate one dollar from each paid tour to marketing. These plans will cyclically reinforce one another bringing benefits to all our customers and stakeholders.

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Our early adopter offers are progressively set

The first 50 Early Adopters will be obtaining these gradually more expensive deals. So, do not hesitate and sign your destination up now!
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Additional Evidence

If data and statistics are important in your decision making, we’ve compiled several below for your perusal. Read more...

According to a YouGov survey, published Dec. 8, 2022, of more than 26,000 consumers from 25 countries, more than three in five (63%) consumers globally plan to take a leisure trip in 2023. Close to three-quarters (72%) of people in the UK say they will holiday within the country or abroad in 2023

One of the many, many examples of survey results includes a survey from Travel Pedia, published on September 30, 2023, which found a resounding 87% of survey respondents expect to travel at least as much as they did in the prior year, with 49% selecting that they expect to travel more. This is especially true among younger respondents, with 59% of those between the ages of 18 to 26 planning to travel more in 2023.

In October 2021, Amadeus Group found that 97% of travelers now say that technology will increase their confidence to travel, up from 91% in February 2021 and 84% in September 2020, showing a growing sense of traveler confidence in technology.

According to the American Express 2023 travel survey:
85% of respondents say they plan to take two or more leisure trips in 2023
89% of respondents agree that they want to travel to destinations they’ve never visited before 79% of Gen-Z and Millennials respondents agree that they would love to partake in a day in the life of locals in the destination they are visiting
68% of respondents agree that they pride themselves on finding lesser-known vacation spots before they become popular
86% of Gen-Z and Millennial respondents and 83% of all surveyed respondents want to shop at small businesses when they travel to a new location
69% of all respondents would spend more during a vacation if they knew it supported the local community
75% of travelers have been inspired by social media to a specific destination, 64% were inspired by TV shows, movies or the news

And Access Development gathered hundreds of statistical findings from 2023 travel tourism statics, from there, we add:

  • 69% of millennials use technology to help save money when traveling (, 2023)
  • 37% of travelers prioritize lowest cost when booking travel, 35% prioritize minimizing COVID-19 exposure (Expedia, 2023)
  • 1/3 of travelers with leisure trips planned this year will travel internationally, 13 points higher than the same time last year ()
  • 78% of travelers with leisure trips planned this year will travel domestically (Morning Consult, 2023)
  • When choosing a destination 52% of travelers trust the recommendations of friends and family most, 44% look to travel providers for inspiration and 33% look to social media (Expedia, 2023)
    • 59% of travelers booked a leisure trip because they want to get away (Morning Consult, 2023)
    • On average, travelers first search for their trip 5 weeks before departure, and book 3 weeks before departure (Hopper, 2023)
    • 43% of travelers will use virtual reality to inspire destination choices (, 2023)
    • 72% of travelers say traveling is still worth it even amidst of global economic and political uncertainty (, 2023)
    • 77% of travelers will tack personal travel onto their work trip (Hopper, 2023)
    • 57% of travelers prioritize making sure the experience is worth the cost (Expedia, 2023)
    • Only 8% of travel industry professionals say leisure travel is back to pre-pandemic levels, but 63% expect it to return in the next 2 years (Expedia, 2023)
    • 46% of consumers say travel is more important to them now than it was pre-pandemic (Expedia, 2023)
    • 79% of consumers plan to take a leisure trip in the next year (Expedia, 2023)