Every Destination is a place but not every place is a Destination

Ensuring your place is a destination requires the right combination of tourism policies, public backing, and high-quality tourism products and services.  U-tours exemplifies all three in one go.  Moreover, investments in U-tours boost the local economy, create jobs, and promote a sense of community.

U-tours enhances destination marketing throughout all five of the traveler decision-making stages: 1) get desire to travel; 2) collect and evaluate information; 3) decide on destination; 4) prepare for trip; and 5) evaluate experience upon return.

Wanderlust is now a goal in itself

Decades of marketing have successfully built in the desire to travel, but destination awareness is still a major hurdle. Read more...

In today’s small world, travel & tourism is now second nature to us, but up until about 150 years ago, the vast majority of humans did not travel more than 100 kilometers from the place they were born for their whole lives. Today, it is less an “if” and more of a “where” to travel. Tourism research and surveys have identified various factors that influence travelers‘ destination choices, including attractions, activities, and the availability of guided tours. From a behavioral economics perspective, there are several significant costs, incentive constraints, and barriers of entry to traveling. U-tours has been designed to reduce or overcome most of these while increasing the utility and benefits of these services in the marketplace.

Synergistic destination marketing

Together, along with our local destination marketing partner and our early adopter destination partners, we envision a joint marketing campaign that reaches a much greater audience and produces a synergistic effect for all involved. Read more...

Imagine a traditional, digital, and social media campaigns that highlight our partner destination not just as just another intangible place, but as part of a product, an exciting new platform that will make their vacations that much easier, less expensive, and more entertaining!
Together, we will stand out from the current Destination Marketing barrage, resulting in a high ROI for those ad bucks and lots more tourists who will take our featured destination tours and spend money on those destinations on their attractions, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Current marketing opportunities

U-tours offers all Destination Marketers and Agencies that “next great opportunity”. Read more...

There are plenty of direct marketing opportunities on the U-tours platform to promote your client’s destination including being featured as a top destination, a destination promotional page, and interstitial video ad spots placed directly in front of active travelers. Moreover, our synergistic destination marketing campaign will bring synergistic benefits to your client’s DM spend compounded by each additional destination’s spend as well as their external spend, especially when it references or features U-tours.
Furthermore, we have yet to appoint our UK Destination Marketing Agency partner who will handle the synergistic destination marketing campaign. This partner will be one of the first to help shape the U-tours initial and future and marketing and branding choices and directions. This partner will guide us through our initial rollout, grand opening, and into our expansion.

Future marketing opportunities

After our Grand Opening, but still during our first season, we will already extend partnership opportunities to the regions we intend on launching into the following season.Read more...

Such partnership opportunities will continue to be extended as we fully expand globally. The platform is built to be global from the ground up and the business model is designed to handle such growth while our operations remain compact and agile.
In addition, as U-tours matures, most likely beginning by our third year of operation, several additional destination marketing media opportunities will begin to come online in the platform, including digital media space for local restaurants, hotels, venues, events, etc. It will mean a whole new traveler focused platform where destinations and agencies can reach their specific audience.

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